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Zach Hill: Inspiring Technologist and Community Leader

Zach Hill’s journey in the world of Information Technology is a tale of self-determination, passion, and a deep-seated desire to make a difference. Beginning his foray into IT with a copy of “HTML For Dummies,” Zach embarked on a self-taught path, exploring the intricacies of web development, SEO, and internet marketing, laying the foundation for a diverse and successful career.

Founder of IT Career Questions: In 2014, with a vision to guide aspiring IT professionals, Zach founded IT Career Questions. What started as a modest initiative quickly blossomed into a thriving community, with the channel amassing over 15 million views and 223,000 subscribers. Zach’s approachable style and genuine commitment to helping others have been pivotal to the success of IT Career Questions, making it a go-to resource for those navigating the IT landscape.

Currently serving as the Brand Manager at TCM Security, Zach continues to drive growth and foster a caring environment for both employees and clients. His role allows him to leverage his extensive knowledge, creativity in marketing, and passion for community involvement, which was recognized when he received the “Four Under Forty” award in Dixon, Illinois, in 2018.

Balancing his impactful career with being a devoted father of four, Zach embodies the essence of a “Zach of All Trades.” His multifaceted approach to service, leadership, and community engagement makes him a valuable guide and inspiration for those aspiring to find their path in the IT community.



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