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Disrupting Traditional Marketing

What happens when you re-imagine what traditional marketing represents and you actually listen and engage with your community (your customers)?

Better Leads

Reimagining traditional marketing and actively engaging with the community leads to a deeper understanding of customer needs, resulting in better-targeted campaigns and, ultimately, higher quality leads.

Better Results

By tuning into the voices of customers and adapting strategies accordingly, marketing efforts become more effective and yield optimized results, driving both customer satisfaction and business growth.

Best Brand

Listening to and valuing the community fosters trust and loyalty, establishing a brand that stands out as the best in the eyes of the customers, and setting a benchmark in the industry.



Lives Changed

IT Career Questions

Gap Analysis + SEO + Organic + Community-Driven Growth

Developed and launched in 2014 by Zach Hill, IT Career Questions was created to fill an information gap when it comes to Information Technology career guidance, support, and questions. The framework for community-driven marketing was built here. 




Lives Changed

TCM Security

Community-Driven Growth + Organic Content Development + SEO

TCM Security more commonly known as The Cyber Mentor was developed by Heath Adams in 2019.  Zach Hill joined the TCM team in 2021 as Director of Marketing to carry the vision of disrupting the cybersecurity education industry to fill the skill gap with qualified security professionals.



Lives Changed


Four Under Forty

Receiving the “Four Under Forty” award in Dixon, Illinois, in 2018 is a significant acknowledgment of Zach Hill’s contributions to the community. This award typically recognizes individuals under the age of forty who have demonstrated leadership, community involvement, and a commitment to making a positive impact in their locality.

Zach Hill’s recognition with this award underscores his dedication not only to helping individuals navigate the field of Information Technology through his platform, IT Career Questions, but also to making meaningful contributions to his local community. It highlights his multifaceted approach to service and commitment, both in his professional field and in his community, reinforcing the values expressed in his mission statement, “Technology is my passion. Helping others is my purpose.”

This award is a testament to Zach’s impactful work and his ongoing efforts to inspire and support others in various aspects of their lives. It showcases the breadth of his influence and his dedication to fostering positive change and development within his community and beyond.

Internet Evolution

Zach Hill, a digital native, grew up alongside the burgeoning internet, witnessing the evolution of SEO, internet marketing, and social media from their infancy.

Immersed in the digital landscape from a young age, Zach has had a front-row seat to the transformative journey of online platforms and marketing strategies, observing their growth, development, and impact on the way we communicate, consume information, and do business.

His unique perspective, shaped by growing up in the digital era, offers valuable insights into the ever-changing world of online marketing and the possibilities it holds for the future.

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